Sterling Data Company

We maximize fundraising for political campaigns, PACs, nonprofits, and charitable organizations. Using our unparalleled AI-driven targeting and Tier 1 contact data intelligence, we’ll achieve success for your campaign.

Find the Right Donors

Our AI-Driven Targeting can pinpoint people who are most likely to become engaged, sustained supporters. We have over 500 relevant behavioral data points on donors, from their giving capacity to their magazine subscriptions to their online behavior. We use technology to identify donors, and then advise you on the best donor targets based on your goals.

Connect with Accurate Contact Information

It’s one thing to identify the best donors. It’s another to actually get a hold of them. Our Precise AI Verification system identifies donors’ primary email addresses and confirms their mobile numbers, giving you accurate, high-quality contact data.

Build Long-Term Relationships

In the 2022 cycle alone, we’ve supported more than 1,000 Democratic campaigns.

Products & Services

List Acquisition

Email and mobile fundraising lists for small dollar outreach

Call Time

High-dollar fundraising contacts for Call Time

P2P Texting List Rentals

Rent a mobile fundraising list
for a day

Mobile Enrichment

Enrich your existing list with missing contact information

Fundraising Services

Build your finance shop with more fundraising options.

Statistics & Info


+ ROI on List Acquisition Within 3 Months

AI-driven targeting to connect with donors who are motivated to give.

Confirmed contact info to actually reach prospective donors.


ROI on P2P Texting List Rental Within 48 hours

Acquire up to 1000s of new donors with each rental send.

140-250% ROI in 3 months (after additional solicitation by the campaign).


More Funds Raised in Call Time

Higher pickup rates lead to less time wasted in the call room.

Smart targeting leads to more converted dollars per hour.

Company Process

Identify the Inefficiencies

Together, we determine where we can streamline and strengthen your fundraising efforts.



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Whatever works, works. We analyze list returns to see what strategies work and replicate successful components of an acquisition.


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