15-25% Pick Up Rates

Highly Affordable

Up to 5,000 donor emails per month included

Highly Targeted

Sterling offers a menu of targeting options and constantly learns from performance analytics to provide our clients the best prospects.

AI-driven donor targeting

Dedicated team of data analysts + strategists

Affordable Pricing

Our pricing is highly affordable for campaigns of all sizes and needs.

Industry-leading quality at an affordable price.

Low investment, exponential returns

High-Value Offering

In addition to our call time lists, we offer a selection of fundraising tools and services to maximize the value our clients get from working with us.

Up to 5,000 emails + P2P Texting Targets per month included for qualified campaigns.

From list uploads to data cleanup, we offer full data management support for our clients.

Statistics & Info


Pickup Rate

Industry-leading quality that leads to more donor interactions.

More dollars raised per hour than the competition.


Disconnected Calls*

All Sterling contacts undergo a rigorous verification process.

Less bad calls, more time spent raising money for your campaign.

*using a political dialer under proper usage conditions


Instant Return

It takes one call time session for most clients to recover their monthly cost.

Better targets + low cost = high returns.

Call Time Lists Process


When you begin working with us, you will fill out a one-time form with your preferred target criteria. We will use this information to offer you your first five list suggestions. We will continually keep your preferences updated as they change.


Call Planning

You will have access to your dedicated fundraising strategists synchronously and asynchronously to discuss call time priorities.


Uploads + Data Management

We can integrate with your call time CRM to upload, tag, and dedupe your lists or send lists directly to you.


Performance Analytics

We continually monitor list performance to suggest you better targets each week.


Call Time Lists Calculator

Industry-leading quality for industry standard pricing.
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