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We’re a team committed to client impact, and with over 1,000 organizations helped so far, we’re confident we can improve your success rate.

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We’ve designed our process to be easy and
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Keeping your prospects’ contact information up to date and correct is rather consequential. After all, without accurate contact information, outreach is essentially wasted.

Sterling can verify the accuracy of your existing contact information and replace faulty or outdated information with new and correct data

Sterling can sample your data and provide you with an accuracy assessment to give you a sense of your current list health

Text Messaging

Texting is revolutionizing digital & marketing campaigns. However, most campaigns only have email and/or mailing addresses to reach their prospects. With Sterling you can now also add active mobile numbers to your existing prospect lists.

Sterling recommends tapping into value from your existing prospect lists via texting

Sterling can match 60-80% of your existing lists with active mobile numbers

Email Marketing

Most marketing campaigns have at least a mailing list. However, mailing campaigns lag behind the returns attained from text and email marketing.

Sterling recommends tapping into value from your existing prospect lists through email marketing.

Sterling can match 50-80% of your existing lists with active, primary email addresses


Statistics & Info



Accurate contact info to reach actual prospects.

Highest accuracy rates in the industry.


Match Rate

More matches means more potential leads.

More potential leads means higher ROI.


Active and Deliverable

Sterling checks for both email and text deliverability.

High deliverability is key to a successful digital campaign.

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First we check your list for any issues that could prevent you from seeing the best possible results.



Next we search dozens of the highest quality sources to find you the missing contact information


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Our algorithms intelligently score the results so you can have confidence starting with the most promising leads.


Results Delivered

Results appear in your dashboard and over email as soon as they are processed.


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