100%+ ROI Within 3 Months

Lower Cost Per
Acquisition than Competitors

High Engagement, Quality Data

Quick Returns

Thanks to AI-driven donor targeting, our list acquisitions top 100% ROI within 3 months, with some lists returning full value within a month.

AI-driven donor targeting

Dedicated team of data analysts

Data Quality First

Over 95% of all Sterling emails are highly active, confirmed primary email addresses that actually belong to our targets. Similarly, our mobile information far outpaces the competition in accuracy and performance.

30-90 day openers, confirmed emails and mobiles

Multiple checks for deliverability

Statistics & Info


+ ROI on List Acquisition Within 3 Months

AI-driven targeting to connect with donors who are motivated to give.

Confirmed contact info to actually reach prospective donors.


+ Verified Contact Information

All Sterling contacts go through a rigorous contact verification process.

Reach primary email addresses and correct mobile numbers with your messages.


Active, Deliverable Donor Targets

Sterling ONLY provides donors with confirmed recent activity (30-90 days).

High deliverability and engagement are key to a successful digital campaign.

List Acquistion Process

Evaluate Your Needs

To begin the process, you can either begin with a set budget or request counts on a preferred audience.



Using common hashing techniques (MD5, SHA), we exchange information securely to remove duplicates from your newly acquired list.



We let our systems and analysts do their magic!


Secure Delivery Through Dropbox

Secure Delivery Through Dropbox within 24-48 hrs.


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