High ROI

Verified Contact Information

High Match Rates

Mobile Enrichment

Sterling can enrich existing outreach lists with missing mobile phone numbers. These mobiles are up to the same quality standards as Sterling Acquisition lists (highly deliverable, verified information).

Add missing contact information (mobile number).

Most effective, ROI-positive mobile enrichment option on the market.

Option to enrich mobiles only for prospects with some political or charitable donation history for an additional cost- and ROI-efficiency.

Highest accuracy and match rates across all industries, so your messages deliver to as many of your supporters as possible.

Missing Mobile Numbers

Texting is revolutionizing Democratic campaigns. However, most campaigns do not have mobile numbers to text. So, many turn to mobile acquisition to attain mobile supporters. While mobile acquisition is an excellent way to gain new supporters, campaigns often do not realize the untapped value in their existing lists. Therefore,

Sterling recommends first enriching your existing supporter list with mobile numbers and then acquiring mobiles for new supporters to maximize cost efficiency and ROI.

Sterling can often enrich as much as 50-80% of your list with verified mobile numbers.

Mobile Enrichment Process

Provide Your Lists

For the highest match rates and accuracy, we generally ask for first name, last name, street address, city, state, and zip code as input values.



Sterling enriches your contacts with missing mobile phone information.


Secure Delivery

Sterling delivers your enriched list securely via Dropbox.



Sterling only bills you for matched mobile phone numbers.


Mobile Enrichment Calculator

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