70-150% ROI within 48 hours

140-300% ROI within 3 months

Low Cost, Fully Compliant

Immediate Returns

Most of our texting campaigns return 100% ROI within 48 hours or less.

A fast and efficient way to acquire donors and raise money.

Donors keep giving to your campaign long after our texting campaign.

Proven Content Strategies

Our team of experienced texting strategists will draft content for you that is proven to raise above industry standards.

Best-in-class fundraising content.

Unrivaled sending strategies.

Low Risk, High Reward

Thanks to our low minimum, you can start small and scale your commitments only if you see the returns.

Free testers for qualified campaigns.

$500 minimum investment – lowest in the industry.

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ROI within 48 hours

No method raises faster and more reliably than Peer-to-Peer Texting.

Some campaigns see as much as 300-500% immediate return on investment.

Minimum Investment

Affordable and low risk.

Lowest P2P texting list rental in the industry.


Open Rate*

Unlike emails, nearly all text messages are delivered and read by donors.

High deliverability ensured by our texting team.

*Under proper usage conditions

P2P Texting List Rentals Process

Set a Budget

We will work with you to lock in a budget for the text rental.


Approve Content

We will send you content suggestions for your approval.



Upon approval, our peer-to-peer team begins sending out your text messages.



Over a 48-hour period, you will see contributions coming in.


P2P Texting List Rentals Calculator

Industry-leading quality for industry standard pricing.
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