Where Do I Start?

We have no minimums, so you can try out our data and see the Sterling advantage. After you get in touch, we’ll have you fill out a targeting survey so we can customize our targeting to your specific needs. We’ll need any existing list or hash file. Once you know which product you’re interested in and have a set budget, we’ll start production.

*Note that P2P does have a $500 minimum.

What is a hash file?

A hash file is an encrypted version of your email/mobile list. You can use a hash file to suppress your current list when acquiring data from us while maintaining complete confidentiality of your list contents.


How do I hash my list?

You can either hash export your list from within your email CRM or just use https://swaps.dccc.org/ for the same purpose.

How do I hash a cell phone list?

If your CRM does not already allow you to hash your cell phone list, you can download your list, change your “phone” column header to “email,” and run it through: https://swaps.dccc.org/ .

Note: For easier delivery, please let us know your cell phone formatting (i.e., 1234567891, 123-456-7891, (123)-456-7891. We generally prefer a no dash, no brackets/parentheses version of your cell phone list (i.e., 1234567891).

What is data enrichment? What data can be enriched?

Data enrichment is taking existing lists in any form and adding information such as phone numbers, email, or behavioral data.

What products do you offer?

Product CPA
Email Acquisition (“email-only”) 29 cents
Mobile Acquisition (“mobile-only”) 25 cents
100% Email + 50% Mobile (“combined product”) 35 cents
50% Email + 100% Mobile (“inverse combined product”) 35 cents
100% Email + 100% Mobile 40 cents
P2P Texting List Rentals 10-15 cents per contact – There is a $500 minimum
Donor Mobile Enrichment (enrich missing mobile numbers only to contacts with political or charitable donation history) — recommended for highest ROI. Starting at 10 cents
Mobile Enrichment (enrich missing mobile numbers to all contacts regardless of political or charitable donation history) Starting at 7.5 cents

What can you target for?

Almost anything! We’ll start with a targeting survey to better understand your needs and go from there.

What is SMS Fundraising / P2P Texting?

Short Message Service or SMS technology sends short messages (text) between mobile devices. When you text someone a message, you are using SMS. Since text messages have a demonstrated history of having higher open rates than email messages, they are fertile ground for successful fundraising campaigns. P2P texting is a form of SMS that allows an individual to send texts to a large group of people efficiently. The sender can hold conversations with recipients, and the campaign/organization can collect quick data regarding who is engaging and donating!

How many emails should we add to our list, at a minimum, to make a positive impact on increasing activism and donations?

We usually recommend at least 10,000 names to start out with to have a meaningful sample. We’ll start by looking at your previous activity and make our recommendations.